Caregivers, therapists, health centers, hospitals, institutions, associations,… and you?


Inspired and committed hearts

To you who carry a message, an idea, an ambition, a dream: it will no longer be silent.

The above map show those around the world who recognize themselves in the spirit of the Charter of Love Medicine and refer to it.

Why joining the Community?

So that those who wish to be accompanied in their health journey can find, via this map, the caregivers or spaces that are in an ethical and holistic approach.

So that caregivers sharing the same spirit can also find each other, support each other and join their efforts.

So that together we can be a force to pursue and create changes in laws, curricula, policies and practices in regards to medicine and health.

In order to encourage clear and polyphonic information to people.

In order to rise beyond partisan quarrels by wanting to offer other perspectives while respecting all medicines.

To protect freedom and therapeutic diversity free from prejudices.

Friends and partners

How to join?

  • Read the Charter
  • Fill out the form on the Contact page with your contact details and a presentation message
  • Wait for our return (we promise, we'll do it as soon as possible!)
  • If everything is correct, your information will be referenced on the map!