For an ethical and holistic approach of Healthcare, Life and the Living

Love Medicine

Love Medicine is a Community of people gathered at the initiative of Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne arounda vision, a hope, a common spirit. Celui-là même qui nous permettra de poser un autre regard sur la maladie, la santé, la vie. L’ambition d’une approche multidimensionnelle, pluridisciplinaire et individualisée de l’Être et du soin. C’est également un livre à paraitre en 2022 aux Éditions Leduc.s.

A Community

Bringing together all those who are eager to rethink healthcare and our approach towards life and the living with love and intelligence.

A charter

Common foundations as a compass to unite as well as to give a meaning and a direction to the world of healthcare.

A book

The book L’Amour Médecin/Love Medicine, écrit par Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne, paraitra courant 2022 aux Éditions Leduc.s.

Rethink our approach of the Being

When does a Man cease to be a Man to become a patient? And when does a patient cease to be a patient to become a case -a sum of functions considered bad or normal? Is Man just a machine of programmed obsolescence or a mystery in equilibrium?

Rethink our approach of Live: sickness, health, and healthcare

Is life a problem to be solved or a breath to be accompanied? Is sickness a bad luck, a divine punishment, a mistake, or is it an attempt of understanding and consciousness participating in a personal and collective history? Is healing simply a cessation of symptoms or a deeper and broader reconciliation with oneself and the world?

Rethink our approach of the Living

Is the Living an unconscious object to be controlled or a living organism to be respected and cherished? Isn't respect for the laws and rights of the Living the very priority?

For an ethical and holistic approach of Healthcare, Life and the Living

The Charter

Let's look at where we got by basing our "evolution" on destruction, putting all our energy into fighting, instead of loving.

In our times where pharmaceutical scandals are increasing; where "science" is facing its dead ends; at a time of crusades targeting unconventional medicines or out-of-frame thinking; in these modern times where chronic diseases are more and more common and where individuals are more and more questionning how to take back control of their own health; where we lack a sensible, solid and rigorous speech: it seemed to us that this Charter was more than necessary.

Whether or not you are in the field of healthcare, you are invited to read the Charter and add your signature (via the contact form) to support a Medicine of Life.

A community
of inspired hearts

Love Medicine is a Community of courageous and inspired hearts eager to reunite to lay the foundationsof a new medical paradigm with seriousness, rigor, openness and transparency.

It is no longer time to be locked in a single system but to take the richness, diversity and authenticity of the medicines, wisdoms and intelligences of the world.

It is no longer time for a science with fixed ideas offering only a dogmatic and narrow view of the world, selecting only the discoveries that support its interests and seeing any criticism as a conspiracy.

What we need is a science ready to change and question itself, a vision that considers recent discoveries as well as oldest wisdoms, a spirit which invites criticism, a look that does not focus on approaching the problem from just one angle.

What we need is an ethical foundation - whatever the practice - which will be based on the unity of the world and the fraternity of human beings, which will invite the inner encounter and has for hope the reconciliation.

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A book

Editions Leduc.s - 2022

“We are all united by a smile and a wound; for the part of agony we are born with, and the part of hope we die with. It is in this fraternity of heart that we will cross the challenges of this century. "

About - Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne

Poet - Writer - Speaker and Specialist in Traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda)

Formerly a Senior I.T Engineer, Emmanuelle Soni-Dessaigne is, since 2016, the co-director of the Bhawani Ayurveda Center that she founded with her husband, Dr. Manan Soni, in a peaceful village in the foothills of the Himalayas in North India. Having become a specialist in this Traditional Indian Medicine, she now devotes herself to "Love Medicine", that she initiated in 2018.

This initiative, supported by many partners, aims to unite many personalities from around the world around a common spirit that will help to lay the foundations of a new paradigm in the world of healthcare.

Since 2020, she also contributes to the OLAM online multimedia platform, alongside Alain Eskenazi.

Inspirée par les muses de la Poésie depuis son enfance, son premier recueil « De Lumière et de Chair » est disponible aux éditions Le Nouvel Athanor depuis le printemps 2021.

Extract "The multiple faces of life"

I then realize that we all have the same wounds, in the same place, and that we already died a thousand times, of the same pains each time.

Like me, all are exhausted to fight, weary of vain attempts or convinced of imprisoning certainties.

They experience their illness as a cross to bear, a burden to overcome. They are folded in their fate and cry out against its injustice.

Behind their anger I learn to distinguish fear, and behind fear I discover pain, and behind it, a child's cry, a clumsy cry of love thrown to the sky from a desolation.

Every day, by receiving in my face my mirror, I am invited to the encounter: the one that forces me to examine my own encounter within myself.

Allowing me to be hurted by its sting is also allowing it to pierce in me the light.

I then seek to welcome all these faces as my own face: the multiple faces of life.

Extract "The Rise of Dawn"

A new day rises in a silent revolt.

The breaking point is there and from its breach flies a a cloud of hope.
I hear it in the wind, the tree, the sky, the breath, the rising dawn.

A silence like a window to let the light in. A doubt. A possible. Another truth perhaps. The one of the others. The one I had yesterday.

An invitation to welcome Life. And to love it. And through this love, becoming myself a new starting point.

There is no need to go to the top of the mountain, to the deepest oceans, to the depths of the invisible. There is near me a friend, a wife, a mother, a earth: this is where I am waited.

Without great action, without credo, without ideal than that of being able to fall asleep at night saying to oneself:

“Today I looked, touched and felt with what I have of love for Life. Thus, I have contributed to the restoration of the world. "

Everything else is just chatter.

Extract "In solidarity of your wisdom"

Yes, we are the heirs of lies and oblivion.

But we are also the heirs of men and women, who, through all eras and from all fields of interest and expertise, have questioned the existence, in search of solutions and answers for men.

More important than the legacy we have received, it is time to agree on the one we want to leave.

Here we are.

Let us understand that everything that belongs to India belongs to humanity. Everything that belongs to China belongs to humanity. Everything that belongs to one man is the responsibility of all men.

What makes a rainbow so beautiful isn't the combination of its colors?

To find back a spirit of understanding, which will allow us to see the birth of a complete and crossed Medicine, immense efforts are no doubt awaiting us.

But we have a future. We breathe.

And me, as long as I will breathe, I will walk forward in the light of my past and I will be in solidarity with all wisdom.

Between key ideas and hopes

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I want to believe that our ability to destroy ourselves is nothing compared to that of loving ourselves.

I want to believe that even if everything leads us to be overwhelmed and helpless, in return a hope for something different has never been greater.

I want to believe that sharing our knowledge and our suffering will allow us to rediscover a common sense and will give real meaning to life, health, disease and medicine.

I want to believe in another way of taking care of people, a way that will be a fair syncretism of the beauties and limits of ancestral medicines, unconventional medicines and conventional medicines.

I want to believe that only a multidisciplinary, multidimensional and individualized approach can get us out of our bellicose dead ends and our perdition.

I want to believe that the patient will no longer be a patient but an active participant in his life and his history, so as not to alienate the freedom to be oneself.

I want to believe that you are not this pain, this chaos, this mess, this mistake.

I want to believe that we can still communicate.

I want to believe that we must fraternize, not to escape disease and death, but so that life does not escape us.

I want to believe that there is a love stronger than fear, than pain, "a love that insuflates meaning into life, that resists the natural laws of attrition and discord, that uplifts us, that knows no limits *. "

*Jan Philipp Senker


While waiting for the next programming, here are the past meetings:

Online Meetings

Watch in replay the 3 online events organized in October 2020 around Love Medicine on the OLAM channel:

  1. Towards a Medicine of Man, with Dr. Jean-Patrick Chauvin, Dr. Sophie Mainguy-Besnier, Sofia Stril-Rever and Nassrine Reza
  2. The place of the Soul in Medicine, with Olivier Clerc, Tayeb Chouiref and Dr. Jean-Patrick Chauvin
  3. Modern medicine and ancestral wisdoms, in partnership with the magazine Natives, wirh Jocelin Morisson, Jean-Pierre Chometon, Mathilde Everaere, Dr. Jean-Patrick Chauvin and Frederika Van Ingen

More to come.

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